The City Summary (October 28, 2013)

Joe Hart hogged the headlines today after events yesterday at Stamford Bridge and it wasn’t pretty. Joe hasn’t had an easy time from the press pack lately, but yesterday’s mix-up between he and Nastasic was the most high profile of his mistakes in the past year. The back pages didn’t hold back…

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It wasn’t only the print media laying into poor Joe today, with this list of “Hart Blunders” appearing on the box.

Not for the first time of late, Petr Čech offered his support to Joe Hart, telling Chelsea TV: “The defender [Nastasic] made a mistake. He didn’t see the goalkeeper coming, which I thought he had plenty of time to see the goalkeeper coming, but he didn’t because Fernando was putting him under pressure. And because he [Torres] followed he had an easy tap in.”

Away from all the hyperbole and ongoing debates, The Guardian’s Daniel Taylor wrote a well balanced article about Joe’s recent fall from grace. But, enough about that and let’s hope England’s number one can find his form again…

Elsewhere today, one of City’s bright young prospects George Evans completed a 3-month loan move to League One strugglers Crewe, his first foray into senior level football away from City. More on George’s big move can be found here.

On our first day up and running, we brought you exclusive details on just how expensive Iker Casillas could be should City scour the market for a new goalkeeper. Is he worth it? Do you want him at City?

Another La Liga goalkeeper, Malaga’s Willy Caballero, was again linked with City today in the Daily Mail. Caballero is a predictable name to link with City having flourished under Pellegrini at Málaga, but he could be a realistic possibility if City want someone to challenge Joe Hart rather than replace him outright. Caballero’s performance against Real Madrid last week where he incredibly saved 13 shots will have impressed City, but the player recently said he was happy at Málaga and didn’t seem in a hurry to depart the sunny Costa del Sol.

Late in the day, some incredible quotes emerged from Sport Express in Russia with CSKA Moscow president Yevgeni Giner pleading “Not Guilty” to allegations of racism by Yaya Touré against CSKA fans. You have to be careful with these translations, but NBC Sports has gone over it carefully and come out with the following quotes:

Yaya Touré invented it all. He [the UEFA-assigned] delegate did not hear anything. The inspector did not hear anything. There was no hooting from the stands. CSKA has enough black players ourselves. What kind of racism?

I was at the game, and there was no racism. I then spoke with our fans. I do not even want to discuss why Yaya Touré did that. God will judge him. Granted, in the championship of Russia, there were times when bananas flew onto the field, which is unacceptable.”

Expect these quotes to hit the world’s media shortly and cause a huge ruckus, as they should. Strong words. City fans will stand by Yaya Touré though, he is one of our own and a man of great character.



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