Joe No


Joe Hart is refusing to accept all the blame for Sunday’s last minute error at Chelsea.

That’s the word coming out from both the press pack and Carrington at present.

Team-mates weren’t sure what had transpired between him and Matija Nastasic in the farcical fractions which led up to the gift for Torres.

Hart, however, is of the belief that he made a clear shout and that it should have been sufficient enough.

Hart can clearly be seen in the footage giving Nasty a call, but he’s right on top of him by then.

Joe’s problem is that his other errors have not stockpiled enough good faith, for him to be able to argue the toss at present.

‘When in doubt, say nowt’

Or if you are coming out, shout it loud enough for even Pellegrini to hear it!


2 thoughts on “Joe No

  1. With all respect, something fishy is going on with the british press. It feels like they don’t want Hart or Man City.
    Anyways, it is not just Nis or Joe, it is the whole team

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