Hart could quit in January


This is quite unsettling news (depending on your views of him), forget all the talk of Harty taking any spell on the sidelines “on the chin”, as some outlets are today quoting.

We are fortunate to know one or two people close to Joe, and they are saying something very different.

Such as Joe would ask to leave in January if he believes his England World Cup starting place is hanging in the balance.

Joe is such a single-minded individual and it’s worth recalling how hard he pushed for the exit door when Shay Given was keeping him out of the side.

If it does come to that, we’re not sure who the actual takers would be?

Malaga’s Willy Caballero would quickly come into the frame for Pellegrini.


3 thoughts on “Hart could quit in January

  1. I personally believe he’d jump to Un*ted. Call me a p***k for saying that but I don’t think he has any allegiance to City whatsoever, as mentioned in the article he was willing to get out the minute Given came along. No one can doubt his ability, but his ego and centralised mind-set means he’ll always put himself before the club.

  2. And why would United be willing to take him on? De Gea’s proved himself. Been one of their top performers this season.

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