Fernandinho – no-one is safe


Fast becoming a particular favourite of ours is Fernandinho, who we equate to a Rolls Royce with a Ferrari engine, such is both his engine and class.

It’s taken him a few games to get on the pace of things but it’s clearly evident he is making better choices when it comes to both his runs and tackling.

He now appears to have become the defensive screen for the back-four in the last couple of games, allowing Yaya to do what Yaya does best (which is pretty much anything he likes!).

And if there is such a good thing to come out of dropping Joe Hart, it’s now ensured the rest of the team are kept firmly on their toes.

Fernandinho says: “With the quality we have in our squad, everyone knows how hard they have to work.

“We all know we have good cover for our positions. If the moment is not good you have to work harder. It is the same for every player.”



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