City lacking workrate?

Some very interesting stats supplied by Opta today which perhaps gives a pointer to where we can still improve as a team.

Thankfully, the areas for improvement are few and far between, as these figures show.

It doesn’t need a stats man to tell us our defence needs to plug the leaks, but they do argue we are not working hard enough to put tackles in.


Goals Scored – 28 – League ranking – 1st

Goals Conceded – 12 – League ranking = 8th

Possession – 60% – League ranking – 1st

Pass Accuracy – 87.2% – League ranking – 1st

Shots Per Game – 17.4 – League ranking – 2nd

Conversion Rate – 13.1% – League ranking – 2nd

Tackles Per Game – 18.5 – League ranking – 12th


One thought on “City lacking workrate?

  1. Surely the fact we rank top of the ‘possession’ list will indicate we’ll be lower down on the ‘tackles per game’ list? It’s logical that if you see more of the ball you’re not likely to tackle as much.

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