Yaya Toure vs. Rodney Marsh and the power of Twitter

Social media is a powerful tool and we saw a great example of that today on Twitter.

Former City star Rodney Marsh phoned into talkSPORT’s Extra Time to give some exclusive “insider” information on Yaya Toure’s situation at City. Rodney had this to say:

“People close to Manchester City tell me Yaya Toure is not very happy and he’s one of their great players.

“When you start to hear rumblings from within the camp, and you see the way Toure played last weekend [at Sunderland], when he was strolling around and didn’t look interested, I’m wondering now if it will all go a little bit the other way.

“It looks like they’re throwing billions of pounds at players but keep coming up short. I think this season could end in tears at Man City.”

After hearing this sort of thing from an ex-pro, fans would normally be very worried and wait for any sort of denial from the player or club. But Yaya, who has been very active and social on Twitter, quickly took to to the social networking service and put the story to bed, posting a photo of himself and Kolo with this message.


Naturally, this led to a lot of criticism from Blues (and others) aimed at Marsh. He has been known for his wind-up comments in the past, but being a former City star is often taken seriously. He quickly went on the defensive with this tirade:



Footballers often make comments on Twitter and leave it at that. Very few bother to keep up with their mentions and interactions, or at least don’t respond to them. Yaya, who as mentioned has been very social since joining Twitter, didn’t miss that final tweet, though, and put this issue to bed with the same finesse as one of his free kicks.



BURN! Good night Mr. Marsh, and please grow up – you’re 69-years-old and far too old for this sort of attention-seeking behaviour.


3 thoughts on “Yaya Toure vs. Rodney Marsh and the power of Twitter

  1. I remember Rod walking around Manchester in bare feet that could explain his brain damage

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  3. Thank you very much for sharing.
    I like him a lot.
    He is a hero.

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