City owners hold safe-standing talks


Shiekh Mansour and Khaldoon have held talks with a local MP about introducing safe-standing areas at a revamped Etihad.

John Leech, MP for South Manchester, was invited out to Abu Dhabi last weekend as guest of the club.

City have previously explored the viability of installing German-style ‘lock and release’ seats for the bottom tier of the South Stand, should legislation allow for it.

Leech reveals: “Safe standing will lead to cheaper tickets and a better atmosphere at matches.

“Every week thousands stand in seated areas supporting the team they love – they deserve proper safe standing areas.

“It is much safer to allow standing areas and give fans the proper choice of how they want to watch the game.

“I hope with the upcoming expansion of the Etihad Stadium, to convince City to be the Premier League club to make a stand and introduce measures to make football cheaper and more accessible.”

City believe the stadium capacity would be close to 65,500 if one standing area was introduced after the extensions are built. 



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