Dzeko spits dummy – again


Edin will always have a special place in our history thanks to the goal which brought us back from the dead in our famous title-winning victory.

But it’s clear something now has to be done about the striker, who has previously never been slow in speaking out about his frustrations at a lack of first-team starts.

The fact is Edin believes he should be starting EVERY week and has made this clear to Pellegrini in a couple of recent meetings.

But it was still disappointing to see Dzeko performing a mini-strop towards the end of our fantastic six-of-the-best against Spurs on Sunday.

He could be found throwing his arms up and shaking his head in disbelief as the manager shouted down the touchline for Milner to get stripped for action on 77 minutes.

Dzeko immediately stopped his own warm-up routine and tossed his bib off before returning to the bench, throwing on a coat and for maximum impact, pulling the hood up, as others on the bench looked on awkwardly.

Perhaps Edin thought Negredo would be the man to make way, rather than Nasri?

The links to Borussia Dortmund continue both over here and in Germany.

Dzeko will play on Wednesday in the Champions League against Plzen.

He’ll no doubt score…


9 thoughts on “Dzeko spits dummy – again

  1. I really don’t care about Dzeko any more. I liked him since his Wolfsburg days but that Dzeko seems to be gone now. He just doesn’t cut it and if he really thinks he should be starting ahead of either Negredo or Kun than he is delusional.
    I think it would be best for both sides if City can sell him to another club and I do think he would succeed under Klopp in Dortmund.
    But it’s time to move on.

  2. I’ve had enough of Edin’s tantrums and I think Pelligrini has as well! The guy thinks he’s better than he is and doesn’t want to work for it. Negrado is 100 times the striker Dzeko will ever be!

  3. City is the club that deliberately destroys players. No other club buys four strikers for 20-45 mil € per piece and expect to have two on the bench. Why have them youth academy at all?

    • What a stupid ass comment. No doubt a butthurt Bosnian, you can spot them a mile off… if it ain’t Bosnian, it’s the enemy. Dzeko was the starting target-man when the season started but stunk the place out when he wasn’t scoring. To be a top team striker now you have to do more than score now and again…Negredo scores as much and is 10 times the player your stroppy hero is.

    • Very good point. Of course many of these top players have huge ego’s as well.

  4. Just as likely, if not more so, that he is a not-so-clever ManU(re) fan. You clearly have an agenda here, Danny, and it is no longer hidden.

    No doubt you are a frustrated Serbian nationalist who worshipped Milosevic and Mladic, correct? How do like being treated this way?

  5. Now now boys no need to get all nationalist. Danny has made a great point Edin was given his chance at the start of the season and blew it with his performances. Negrado has taken his chance and Edin should now knuckle down and fight to win his place back.

    The problem is I don’t think he has the fight in him!

  6. Now now boys no need to get all nationalist we all sound like blues! Danny made a great point, Edin was given his chance at the start of the season and didn’t take it. Negrado on the other hand has grasped the nettle!

    Edin should now fight to win his place back. The problem is I don’t think he has the fight in him!

  7. “throwing on a coat and for maximum impact, pulling the hood up”

    didnt look like it…if anything,he looked happy congratulating nasri after milner came on :

    p.s i’m not bosnian 😉

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