EXCLUSIVE – Dzeko told he can be our Ibrahimovic


No, you didn’t read it wrong, it’s not April Fools, nor have we suffered a bang to the head as a result of one too many over the Christmas pleasantries.

Edin divides opinion right across the City supporter base, but not when it comes to our manager we can reveal today.

The ‘Bosnian Diamond’ rightly got it in the neck from fans the other week for a display of complete indifference against Plzen at the Etihad.

So kudos to Pellegrini, who we hear held a heart-to-heart meeting with the striker on Monday of this week, just prior to our magnificent victory over Bayern Munich.

Dzeko was so enthused by what he got to hear that he later told other team-mates on the trip he was feeling much more positive about his circumstances.


‘I got the moves like Dzeko…

It’s understood Pellegrini told him that he rates him alongside the likes of Zlatan Ibrahimovic as one of the best of his ilk and would start against Bayern.

He was also told he has a major role to play in the coming weeks and months, and to forget the notion he was not wanted and would be going nowhere in the upcoming January window.

Judging by Dzeko’s excellent performance at the Allianz Arena, he clearly respects the manager’s attempts to at least keep him in the loop and not exacerbate an obvious gripe at not starting every week.

Long may this continue and a positive mental attitude from Dzeko could make all the difference in any successful title tilt.

Players are precious little souls, certainly the top ones, and the ego that comes with making them so.

We don’t think anyone is ready to argue the toss that Dzeko is in the same league as the brilliant Swede, but football is also played between the ears and whatever gets through to our Edin, we’ll take that all day.


2 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE – Dzeko told he can be our Ibrahimovic

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