New City songs for the 2013/14 season

City fans are well known for coming up with some cracking songs. The Mario Balotelli song from 2011 went viral and featured on international news channels.

The Yaya/Kolo one, which is still heard at City games despite Kolo’s departure, has become a hit at clubbing hotspots all over Europe! For example, it was sung at Zante 2013, about 2,250 miles from Manchester!

Oh, and it recently stopped traffic in Newcastle.

But on to the new City songs for 2013. The biggest hit has without a doubt been “Here’s to you Vincent Kompany”.

So good that fans of the Belgium national team nabbed it for their captain, who is also City’s captain!

Zabaleta is City’s biggest cult hero and has been for a while. “Pablo Zabaleta do-do-do” is heard at pretty much every game. But away dayers have come up with a new one for Zaba that is maddeningly catchy.

The newest song heard at away days is a popular European tune used for Fernandinho.

Another terrace hero in the making is “The Beast” Alvaro Negredo. Fans chant “Beast, beast, beast!” after every goal, but Shaun Goater’s “Feed the Goat” song has been reinvented to “Feed the Beast” for Negredo.

Negredo has a second song, but it is more of an away day anthem and hasn’t caught on yet at the Etihad.

Banter… what would football be without banter? The arrival of football genius David Moyes to Manchester United and his stellar work so far has City fans singing in praise for his achievement of getting United into 8th place.

Yeah, yeah… we know United won’t be this bad forever, that’s why it’s worth savouring now before they do what they criticised City for, buy their way out of trouble.

But this Moyes/Fergie song has caused a fair bit of debate among City fans. Some think it is out of line, much like the Wenger song from United fans in the past, while others reckon it’s harmless banter.


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