Vinny saying all the right words


Our skipper is at pains to ensure the lads go into the Fulham game this weekend with no sense of complacency.

The Cottagers have conceded an average of 2.1 goals a game this season – the worst in the Premier League.

But there will be plenty of blues who will feel it is a ‘knocking bet’ that Fulham will suddenly morph into a hybrid of Franco Baresi’s AC Milan defence and City’s current red-hot attack.

Vinny, however, insists: “Nothing is won in December but a lot could be lost in December. At the moment we are doing the right things but nothing more than that. 

“This is my sixth season in the Premier League and every time this has been the period when you start realising which teams might go on and win it and which teams maybe aren’t the real deal.

“You don’t win anything but you could lose the Capital One Cup, the FA Cup, and you could lose two or three games and be out of the title race.

“That is what is at stake. Games come thick and fast and if you have bad form it can cost you at this time of the season.

“We’ve won nothing yet. We’re three points behind so you have to reboot every single time and put yourself back on track. You can’t consider yourself a great team if you can’t do that.

“I believe this is also why you want to be a Man City player. If you don’t have that ambition then Man City is not the right club for you.

“We have done well so far but the Fulham game becomes the most important game of the season now.”

…If the rest of the lads are on the same hymn sheet as Vinny, we should have nothing to fear!


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