Aguero & Yaya ‘Messi come join us!’


We’ve been stating for a few weeks now that the idea of Lionel Messi rocking up at the Etihad Stadium next season is not as ridiculous as it sounds.

The chatter has been increasing steadily – both here and at the Camp Nou – that the world’s greatest player could allow his head to be turned by a £150m transfer.

And the pot has been stirred further since we drew Barca in the last 16 of the Champions League.

Messi is becoming increasingly agitated at an apparent smear campaign being used against both him and his family, and publicly branded the club’s vice-president a liar on Catalan radio last Friday.

So we shall now await with interest the reaction to comments made by Messi’s best pal, Sergio, and former team-mate, Yaya.

Aguero, ever the joker, insists: “Yes, he should come to City. Then we’ll definitely play together! City should buy him!”

Yaya added: “If it’s to come to City, I hope Messi can leave the Nou Camp.”


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