EXCLUSIVE – Juventus ask about Jovetic


It would appear our Stevan still has plenty of admirers, despite his injury problems with us.

Reports in Italy on Tuesday night revealed Inter Milan have failed with an approach to take him on loan this month for the rest of the season.

It’s clear the message isn’t getting through that Jovetic is genuinely injured, albeit, a succession of frustrating niggles and a dodgy stomach prior to kick-off at Leicester.

Of more concern to some blues will be the increasing moves by Juventus and their real intentions.

They are making it clear to City through their own transfer brokers that they are ‘willing’ to take ‘Jojo’ back to Italy this summer on a permanent basis.

Juve were left smarting last summer when Fiorentina preferred to do business with ourselves, owing to a long-standing rivalry between the two clubs.

Jovetic can still be a key player for us, and has all the talent in the world, something the likes of Juventus and Inter seem to agree on.

But unless Juventus are prepared to hand us back the full £22m we paid, or throw a Vidal or Pogba into the equation, it just smacks of sour grapes and trying to unsettle Jovetic?


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