The new narrative: “City get all the decisions!”

Now that it’s obvious the “Arabs” won’t “get bored”, the new narrative for City haters is that we’re buying/paying off the referees.

Firstly, let’s be blunt – City have had some beneficial decisions lately, most notably Sterling’s incorrect offside against us (though Liverpool went and scored minutes later anyway) and Tiote’s disallowed goal last weekend.

But as people rant and rave about City’s good fortune, they forget, or perhaps choose to ignore, that it hasn’t all gone City’s way this season.

Here are some examples:

Negredo’s first goal for City is ruled out for offside… but he wasn’t offside. Ironically, this was against Newcastle on the opening day of the season. Do you remember the same outrage from City fans and in the media as on Sunday? I don’t. Granted, we had won the game, but an erroneous offside decision is an erroneous offside decision, no matter what the circumstances.

City are beating Aston Villa away when El Ahmadi scores an offside goal that is given. City lose that game 3-2.

Seb Larsson attempts to cripple Javi Garcia during City’s trip to Sunderland. Not even a yellow card is given. A red card should have been given. City go on to lose that game 1-0.

City did indeed lose that game 1-0, but only after Phil Bardsley had floored Milner with a forearm to the neck, before going on to score. No foul given.

Wilfried Bony equalises for Swansea against City on New Year’s Day… from an offside position.

Yanga-Mbiwa puts Nasri out of action for a couple of months with a nasty tackle. Yellow card given rather than the deserved red card.

(Thanks to “kun” on Bluemoon for several of these images)

The difference is, City fans tend to move on with life after a few hours or a day of annoyance, while certain other fan bases spend the next week expressing their fury in a variety of despicable ways or just blame those damn Arabs for paying off the referees.

The poor decisions against us in the Sunderland and Villa games cost us a possible 6 points. How often do you hear these mentioned when its said City are getting the rub of the green?

Get over it. City have suffered countless bad decisions in the past few years, including a handful this season like the aforementioned (and several not shown there, such as Bayern Munich’s offside goals). Your club probably has too.


4 thoughts on “The new narrative: “City get all the decisions!”

  1. Brilliant read, spot on lad.

  2. There’s also the game against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge where Ramires should have been shown a second yellow card after making a series of fouls around the 60-70th minute mark. However the coward Howard Webb waved play on and nothing was made of it.

  3. also negredo 1st game against newcastle. scored and was given offside, turned out he wasn’t.

  4. The pen against Barcelona that was outside the box; Alves getting how many chances before a yellow in the same match? Zabs running onto you-know-who’s elbow and getting him a yellow. That’s straight off the top of my head.

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